How I Love My Wicker Bassinet and

Even though the c0-sleeper  bassinet was great during the evening I still need something to carry my baby around during the day.  While the other bassinet was specifically designed to be sturdy and steady in your random and wicker bassinet is the perfect option to carry around the house since it is a light and still strong enough to support the weight of your child.

My wicker bassinet had bedding that fit directly into it like a glove.  This gave my baby plenty of room to freely move around without risk of him pulling the sheets over his face or rolling over.

It not only allowed me to watch the kids during the day but it also allowed me to get chores done so I didn't have to worry about doing this at night.  This was a godsend because I actually had a couple of minutes to relax after the day.

Some of the bed room bassinets are specifically made to not be moved around from room to room however wicker bassinets are designed for this sole purpose.  it's no wonder that they are a little bit cheaper that way you can afford to buy one of these along with your other variety.

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